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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

KENDALL MUSIC STUDIOS (a.k.a. as KMS) is a music academy created by Tannia Laracuente-Martinez. KMS specializes in broadening, coaching and promoting the arts in the lives of children/youth through an artistic program after school hours, in private or in group sessions. KMS goal is to impart students with an interest in the arts with a rewarding, motivational and unforgettable learning experience. 


KMS system strives towards the development of the student’s talents and imagination as well as furthering cognitive and concentration skills. 

KMS program includes music lessons in piano, voice, vocal coaching, technique & performance. Also, assistance with dramatic arts, musical theater or classical trained vocalists who require additional help and guidance with their Magnet school auditions, upcoming castings or performing events. KMS helps with the student's stage performance, Artist Management Counseling and Demos (vocal or video reel).

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