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We pulled it off! Another night of great talent and music at M.A.S

Virtual Coach Available

Vocal Performance

For established vocal students, Musical Theater Performers, aspiring professional singers and students applying for Magnet Schools or scheduled auditions/events)

All lessons are tailored individually and consist of a minimum of an one-hour private session of vocal, breathing and posture technique once a week. Students will be evaluated and given an overall consultation of their vocal technique and performance level, focusing on their needs for their upcoming projects, auditions or events.  While enhancing their vocal positioning, projection, vocal technique and repertoire during vocal warm-ups, we will explore and give suggestions of best material selection by their talent/vocal range, (repertoire selections), stage presence, auditioning skills, etc. that will suit them for a maximum performance outcome by the auditioning criteria by school, event, show or current demands of the Music and Performing Arts business.  They will also learn expression and analysis for singers, stage presence, microphone technique and vocal performance in altering venues. 

They will be invited as a Guest Performance individually, in a duet or in a group number at the end of our Studio semester. 

Voice Lessons (Beginning Level- Starting at age 8 and up)

Consist of 30 to 60-minutes once per week, private session of vocal, breathing and posture technique. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of vocal positioning, projection, vocal warm-ups and repertoire.

Stuill perform individually at the end of our Studio semester. 

Piano Lessons (Private session- Starting at age 5)

Private session of 30 to 60-minutes once per week (minimum), consisting of learning the Fundamentals of Music, such as music theory, sölfege, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, repertoire and coaching performance skills. 

This one-on-one music method has been specially designed to enhance their learning, cognitive and listening abilities.  They will be introduced to a variation of sounds and rhythms.  At the same time, it will help them develop more discipline and enhance their attention span.  The process of learning an instrument in a fun, direct approach, will also improve their concentration skills, challenge their multi-task activity and creativity level.

A piano performance is highly encouraged for every student as part of this program and would take place at a venue (TBA) at the end of our studio semester.  Performance and stage presence will be included as part of their recital presentation.



Piano GROUP Lessons  (up to five students)

Consist of a Group session setting of sixty minutes, once a week for beginning level students between the ages of 5 to 10. Portable YAMAHA keyboards with a bench will be provided. Each group will be re-classified by age level.  Piano Beginners will learn how the play piano basis, music theory, technique, sölfege, rhythm, music appreciation, sight reading while playing popular repertoire, basic music history and discipline.  The music language will be learned through songs, games, flash cards and a scoring system to boost their enthusiasm and interest.  They will also learn how to sight read and sing while playing the instrument to increment and stimulate their concentration and cognitive skills. Also, they will learn how to play songs individually or as a group, simulating an orchestra and selecting the sound of an instrument of their choice that is programmed on the keyboard.

Every student that accomplishes the fundamentals of piano will be prepared to perform individually at the end of each school semester.  Performance and stage presence will be included as part of their recital presentation.

We offer three lesson payment plans.
You can select from a month-to- month, 12 or up to 24 Pre-Paid Lessons.
Lesson fees varies per student's level of study and per number of weeks per month. 
All lessons are Pre-paid and full payment must be paid before the 30th of the month.
Write us to receive a quote or to book a lesson at
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