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Elizabeth Bales is a 21-year old Pop-Opera Soprano graduate of Robert Morgan Academy of Performing Arts.  While in high school, she earned multiple State and Superior level recognitions as a Soloist and with her Chorus Essemble.  Presently, she is a member of the Inclusion Theater Program (ITP) at the Area Stage Company performing various musical theater productions as a lead Actress and Singer in various musicals. Elizabeth has been under the tuletage of Mrs. Tannia Laracuente-Martinez since she was 8 years old.

"Music is the greatest part of me! I sing from Opera to Pop in different languages. Very often my own words escape me! I cannot express myself! However…where words fail, music speaks!

Physical Fitness is also very important! I have a daily exercise routine!"

"After exercising I play the piano… I love playing Beethoven and Chopin classics…
I take acting lessons at Area Stage Theater! I have performed as Wendy from Peter Pan Jr., The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio Jr., Hero Girl from the Polar Express and several others…  Oh yes… one last thing, I adore my dogs!"  

For more on Elizabeth, please Click on this link and subscribe to Elizabeth Bales's "Always a Nightingale Productions" YouTube Channel. 

Click here to access her website!

Click here to access Miami Herald Article

Click here to listen to Elizabeth sing "Aquella Tarde" from Ernesto Lecuona


Madeline Diaz is a 16 year old student who attends Westminster Christian School in Miami, FL. She is an avid lover of acting, singing, and God. She is in the drama program lead by Andre Gordon. She was a lead character in two plays, Nala from Lion King and Elsa from 'Frozen Jr.'.  She has sang many Italian arias, and expanding her classical repertoire. Madeline recently received a perfect score and received  a "Critic's Choice Awards" representing her school at the FVA Competitions with "A Dreamed a Dream" (Les Miserables) performance. She desires to be part of the working opera community as a Soprano singer. She recently received a scholarship at Interlochen Center for the Arts Summer Program receiving master classes and performing live shows with a full orchestra ensemble.  She is currently under the tutelage of Tannia Laracuente-Martinez and has been for the past four years. Click here to follow Madeline Diaz on

Click here to listen to Madeline sing "Sempre Libera" from La Traviata


"My name is Miguel Escobar.  I was born in 2006 in the city of Medellín, Colombia. I feel like I’ve lived a very different life from most kids because I’ve always been moving around. When I was four my parents got a divorce and three years later I relocated to Bogota with my mother.  We moved to Miami in 2018 to pursue better options and it hurt me a lot to be away from my country and my family, but I’ve learned to make a home in the USA and music has always been there.  Music is what held me together when everything seemed to be spreading further apart. 


From a very young age, I was influenced by the music surrounding me which included everything, from tango, modern rock to folklore music. As I grew up, I became more and more interested in music and theatre and joined a theatre group in the city of Bogotá when I was only seven years old. Since then, I have not stopped singing.  Some of my favorite artists include Air Supply, ABBA, Radiohead, Queen, Ricardo Montaner, Roberto Carlos, Ricardo Arjona, and Lionel Richie.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I am always humming or listening to music. I feel like I best represent the American dream because through coming to this country I’ve been able to have so many opportunities I wouldn’t have had in Colombia and I love the USA for that.


My dream now is to bring Colombian culture to the rest of the world and bring back some of the older music from the days of my parents to the current generation who is so influenced by rap and pop culture.  My American dream is to become a famous singer who makes it to the top charts and bring diversity and a little bit of my culture into everything I do. Music has healed me in my worst times and I want to give the gift of music to others so they can be inspired like I was. I am never giving up on my dreams because I know here I have the resources to make my visions possible". - Miguel Escobar


"Max is an 11 year old fifth grader.  He has been under Mrs. Laracuente's wings of piano instruction, since he was seven years of age. He loves the piano, and it shows! Year over year, he’s shown a higher level of proficiency with his piano. It is through Mrs. Laracuente’s persistence, dedication, and unconditional commitment, that Max has reached such level of proficiency in playing the piano". - Max Lemus's Parents

Max recently won a special recognition from Arts4All Florida Student of the month of January 2022.  Max is currently under the tutelage of Tannia Laracuente-Martinez and has been for the past few years. Max is a true testament of endurance, resilience and dedication. Even during the impact of Covid-19, Max continued taking piano lessons remotely with Laracuente-Martinez since March 2020. All of his latest performances have been learned virtually. It just demonstrates, his true passion against all odds, learning has no limits when you put your mindset and love into it.

Previous Concert participation

Sofia Machado pic.jpg

Sofia Machado is an actress, singer and model from Miami, Fl. She is 15 years old and attends Westminster Christian School. She has modeled for brands such as Hollister, Sephora, Windsor, Agaci and Macy’s. She was the 2019 Jr Orange Bowl Queen as well. Sofia has also appeared in plays such as Bugsy Malone, Frozen Jr, and High School Musical. She had been Tannia's student since 2019.


Social media's: instagram/tiktok: @sofiabellamachado 

Julia Jacir

Julia is a twelve- year old that has loved to sing since she could talk. Julia loves to horseback ride and play tennis. She is creative and loves to make people laugh. Her style is comedic and strives to be an actress when she grows up. Aside from acting, Julia loves to draw and take pictures of things that interest her. Julia’s first solo ever was when she performed in the US Anthem with her chorus group in the Falls.

Click here to listen to Julia sing "Alma Llanera"

Amanda Lopez.jpg

Amanda Lopez, age 17, is a high school senior that attends John A Ferguson Senior High, where she is Artistic Director of the choral program and President of Tri-M Music Honor Society. In her high school she is in the Top 5% of her class while being in the International Baccalaureate program and DASH program. Amanda has been studying piano for 11 years with Odilia Mora and voice for 3 years with Tannia Laracuente , and has been in choir since first grade. She is nominated for Miami Heralds Silver Knight Award for the category of Music and Dance and has received acceptance letters from Florida International University School of Music and Berklee College of Music thus far. She has attended Florida All State Choir, MDCPS Superintendent’s Choir, and Solo and Ensemble for many years, earning straight superiors. Amanda wishes to study choral music education with her focus on classical voice and inspire the new generation through the beauty of music.

Click here to listen to Amanda sing "At Last"


My name is Jenifer Fernandez. I am 21 years old. I was born in Cuba and came to the US when I was five years old. I’ve been in love with music since I can remember. I hope to one day be able to share my talent and passion for music with the world.


Ciara Lima is a 16-year-old junior who is currently enrolled in Miami Arts Studio @Zelda Glazer. She is in the theater magnet program and has been performing since she was 4 years old. Ciara has a mezzo soprano vocal range. Ciara was inducted into the International Thespian Society. She has also competed and won awards in thespian competitions for theatre. Ciara is very creative and loves the arts. She’s been Mrs. Laracuente’s student since 2017. Ciara hopes to one day get the opportunity to achieve the EGOT awards. 

Click here to listen to Ciara sing "On my Own" from Les Miserables

Follow her on Instagram. CLICK HERE

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